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Unexplainable Life

I am very much amazed on the way that babies grow up. Imagine such a little thing grow up to be twice its size in such a short time inside the womb, then grow up gradually when it is already born out in the world. There must be some kind of mechanism or alarm inside the baby that tells it to slow down a little or speed up quite a bit. It’s really a marvel to behold and witness such events.

Newborn growth spurts makes a baby suddenly inflate, pardon the word, at such a short time, that you would have thought it short of amazing. One time the baby is just this big and the next time you know, it has already outgrown its clothes. We are really witnessing a bonafide miracle when we see a baby grow up to be a child, and it is very wonderful to behold.

A part of what enables it is the baby’s ravenousness in feeding at certain stages. If you are a mother and you breastfeed your babies, there is a big chance that you will feel that extra tug at your nipples or that more pronounced sucking at your breasts during such times. When you notice these things occurring then you might be expecting a growth spurt happening real soon.

Growth spurts, although a very good thing, certainly has its share of disadvantages particularly to the baby, and to the mother on a lesser degree. The baby’s digestive system, particularly the stomach, is not yet mature enough to handle such an influx of milk that it often leads to newborn diarrhea. If you think about it, diarrhea is really supposed to happen if only to enable the baby to learn how to regulate his or her feeding, but we don’t know for sure.

The early days of a baby is something sort of like a trial phase. During those times, the baby’s innate instinct enables it to breathe on its own, try on different kinds of movements, partake of nutrition by sucking, sleep, and wake up. They do everything the first time and everything inside them is also adjusting at the same time.

We do not know if there is already awareness in them, albeit on a much minute scale, or it is really just instinct that drives them to do what they do during the early days. When can we expect instinct be replaced by habit or choice, or what really is instinct all about and how do babies acquire it? Do we give it to them?

You can clearly see how much flummoxed I am about the whole baby thing. I usually pride myself to be a very thorough person who hates unquantifiable things and I may have met my match with regards to how really life is formed and brought about. I hate to concede on it but it really is a miracle, this whole thing of giving birth. It makes me realize that there really is something out there taking care of us. And that I totally believe.