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How to Remove Stretch Marks

In my study of bioinformatics, I have learned that genetics play an important role in the overall wellness of a person. Many people suffer from genetic disorders and diseases that are a result of mutation or deletion of genes aside from missing chromosomes and repeat disorders. And if there is something very interesting about bioinformatics, it is the possibility of being able to help find cures for these diseases and conditions.

One of my interests is being able to help develop a cure for conditions that many women suffer from. One of them is stretch marks. Genetics plays a role in a pregnant woman having stretch marks. If her mother had them, there is a big probability that she will have them as well.

Just as childbearing is part of being a woman, the same is true with stretch marks. It is just one of the many physical changes that women undergoing pregnancy may experience. Stretch marks result when the body grows faster than the skin can keep up. The elastic fiber under the skin surface breaks, resulting in unsightly marks. They commonly appear on the belly and breast but may also appear on the buttocks, thighs and upper arms. During pregnancy, they may appear as purple or reddish and fade to gray or white after childbirth. However, some stretch marks may also remain dark and tend to become showier after pregnancy.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 90 percent of pregnant women will get stretch marks on their second trimester or onwards. As of now, there are no known creams or lotions that can help prevent these marks. But the severity of these marks may be reduced when you keep your skin hydrated by applying a cream or lotion. These products may also help deal with itchiness that comes with a growing belly.

Some of my friends used to ask me how to remove stretch marks. They are curious if there are any products that can totally eliminate them. I am also curious as they are, so I researched some of the known treatments for stretch marks.

On top of the list of treatments is retinoid which can help speed up cell turnover and also stimulate collagen growth which is necessary for a healthier skin. However, if you are still pregnant or are breastfeeding your baby, this option is not suitable for you. Laser treatment is also a popular option to boost collagen growth. However, it is an expensive treatment and can take several sessions before you can see the results.

In reality, there is no ultimate treatment that can totally eliminate stretch marks. That is why some women resort to unconventional ways of hiding them such as having tattoo over stretch marks. This may be a more permanent option which needs planning because some tattoos may even make your stretch marks look unsightly. Others also resort to using concealer make ups or topical cream whenever they have to wear something that exposes the marks. However, these options just provide a temporary solution.

Because there is no ultimate treatment yet for stretch marks, it is my personal goal to do more research which could help in discovering better treatments for this kind of skin problem.