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About Me

Julie Simmons

My name is Juile Simmons. Nice to meet y’all! I am a student studying at UC Berkeley with a Master of Science in Bioengineering. My friend has a nickname for me and they call me the “lab rat” because I always spend numerous hours at the lab. When you see me, you will always find me in a white lab coat with paperwork piling all over the place. I love studying human nature and reading new articles about this topic. I even wrote my own thesis on the topic of human nature for my masters. It took me 2 years of conducting research on my own to write this thesis. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot about this topic. I will be graduating from UC Berkeley in another year. After that, I will be a retired lab rat but I will continue to share my knowledge of the science with students that are interested in learning. Feel free to contact me here on this blog if you are interested in learning more. I would love to share with you my love of science and nature. Science ROCKS!!!bio