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8 Areas of Compatibility for a Healthy Relationship

Perhaps most, if not all of us, desire to have a happy and long-lasting relationship with the person we love. Unfortunately, a fairy tale happy ending is not always true in the real sense. I have seen so many relationships among celebrities, friends and even families get broken because of compatibility issues. I also heard how MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality assessment influences some people in their relationships. For instance, many consider INFJ relationships and INFP relationships as among the most successful and long-lasting relationships because of the many positive traits INFJs and INFPs have. It is why many look forward to meeting a person with these types of personality.

infp relationshipsTo some extent, finding a partner based on MBTI assessment can have some benefits. But in addition to that, it is also important to know the different aspects of a relationship where compatibility is needed.

  1. Intimacy. Personal and sexual intimacy is vital for a healthy relationship. Although every couple has different needs for intimacy, it is important for both partners to achieve the same level of satisfaction in these areas.
  2. Conversation. While it may be okay in a relationship where one partner does most of the talking while the other just listens, it is even better if there is a balance as to who listens and who does the talking. Compatibility in this area is important since a good conversation is a key to a healthy relationship.
  3. Philosophy. Compatibility in your philosophy does not mean that you have to have the same religious, political or social views. It just means that you have to share similarities on what truly matters in life such as family and others.
  4. Relaxation. It is natural for men and women to have varying forms of relaxation. While some women find it relaxing to read books, some men may find it boring. But in a relationship, it is important that you should find at least tolerable what your partner considers as relaxing.
  5. Interests. Having different interests may rarely be a cause of relationship breakups but sharing the same interests can help bind your relationship.
  6. Ambition. Your partner may have a different ambition as you have but it is important that you should share similarities in your ultimate goal. For instance, your partner might have the ambition to own a nice car and live in the city while your ambition is to live a simple life in the country. In this case, your relationship might not work because of your diametrically opposite goals.
  7. Respect. It is said that the true measure of relationship compatibility is the level of respect each partner has for the other person.
  1. Passion. Feeling passionate to each other can help you feel happy and more attached to your partner.

If you have experienced no compatibility issues in most of these areas, then you are fortunate because it is a good sign that you are into a healthy relationship. It is important to note that if you desire to be in a long-lasting relationship, you should exert an effort to be compatible with your partner in the areas listed above.