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5 Reasons You Could Have Itchy Armpits

I have seen numerous times people scratching their armpits in public. For me, that is something gross and should be done privately. But who can resist scratching an itchy armpit? In a casual conversation with one of my friends, someone mentioned who she was scratching her itchy armpits in public and how it was hard to control.

Itchy armpit is not unusual since you might have also seen people unknowingly scratching their armpits. It is just as common as people having pain in right arm or left arm. But even if it is common, it is not normal. In fact, your armpits should not itch at all if they are healthy. If they start to itch recently, perhaps there have been some recent changes in your lifestyle or there could be something wrong with your health.

There are at least five factors that can cause a person’s armpits to itch. Knowing them is the best approach towards prevention:

1. Lack of proper hygiene

Proper hygiene requires washing of your armpits twice a day, preferably once in the morning and once before sleeping. Sweat and dirt collect in the armpits. If you don’t bath regularly and clean your armpits with soap, they will become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria which can cause itchiness. Additionally, if you engage in physical activities that cause you to sweat, it is also important to wash your armpits afterwards to eliminate bacteria to thrive in them.

2. Candida yeast infection

The human body naturally produces Candida Albicans which is a type of yeast. They are not harmful to the body. However, sometimes there will be an overgrowth of this yeast which will normally occur in moist places such as the groin and armpits. Overgrowth can cause infection including rashes. A person may then suffer from itchiness in the affected area. But this condition can be treated using anti-fungal medications.

3. Deodorants and antiperspirants

For some people, their deodorant or antiperspirant is what’s causing them to itch. The product they are using may contain ingredients that they are allergic to. In this case, itching may stop by switching to another product. In some cases, a person may not be allergic to the product itself but instead, the product is causing a blockage in the sweat glands which would cause rashes and red bumps that can be itchy.

4. Hyperhidrosis

A person who sweats profusely may suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating can cause bacteria or yeast overgrowth in the armpits, which in turn causes itchiness. There is no clear treatment for hyperhidrosis so the best recourse for a person having this condition is to wash the armpits more often.

5. Dermatitis

You could also have itching armpits if you have dermatitis. Dermatitis is an inflammation caused by an allergic reaction to certain personal care products such as deodorants and soaps. Certain antibiotics may also cause it. Symptoms include itchiness, redness of the skin and lesion.

An itchy armpit is an occurrence that you want to avoid. Basically, prevention just shows how much you give attention to cleaning your armpits. But if you already are suffering from this problem, it would be good to consult your doctor about it than to suffer in silence.